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Jesus the Bridegroom and the Threefold Office

The Prophet shows God to us; the Priest leads us to God; and the King joins us together and glorifies us with God.

Francis Turretin

In this chapter, we will look at how Jesus' identity as Bridegroom intersects with his threefold office of prophet, priest and king. We will discover how Jesus unites all the different expressions of God’s love for his Old Testament Bride in his loving pursuit of his New Covenant Bride. God had showed his love to her by sending her prophets to woo and speak to her, priests to cleanse and teach her, and kings to protect and care for her. But none of these could match Jesus’ love. He uncovers “the secret counsel and will of God for our deliverance” as Prophet, proclaims that he “sets us free by the one sacrifice of his body” as Priest and demonstrates that he “guards us and keeps us in the freedom he has won for us” as King.[1] His love is multifaceted and holistic, full of passion and humility as well as power and efficacy.

A Powerful Prophet The Old T…
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