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Guest post by Myriam Hertzog: What it was like to work with David Powlison

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Book on Evangelism

Joyfully Spreading the Word: Sharing the Good News of Jesus

Edited byKathleen Nielson, Gloria Furman,Contributions by Shar Bell, Rosaria Butterfield, Gloria Furman, Camille Hallstrom, Megan Hill, Happy Khambule, Jamie R. Love, Rebecca Manley Pippert, Eowyn Stoddard You can be a part of the spread of the gospel in the world. 
Here are theological reflections and real stories from women from across the world who are eagerly sharing the good news of Jesus wherever God has placed them—showing us just how possible it is to follow Jesus’s call to evangelism in our ordinary, everyday lives.

I enjoyed writing a chapter on mercy ministry and how it connects to proclamation ministry. I won't say'll have to get the book! Editors: Kathleen Nielson (PhD, Vanderbilt University) is an author and speaker who loves working with women in studying the Scriptures. After directing the Gospel Coalition’s women’s initiatives from 2010–2017, she now serves as senior ad…